Kiev Protesters to USA: Protect Us

Kiev Protesters to USA: Protect Us
Milling crowds turned out asking for U.S. help and there was praise for Kerry. “It is a very strong signal about …. It is telling you to chill, relax, reorder your priorities, winter is behind us, put the heavy coat in the closet, go outdoors, wear …
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Misstatements of faith: How lying is mandatory for white evangelical
The shame, the travesty, and I will even say the injustice, is that thoughtful people who are academically trained in various disciplines, who are supportive of their tradition, who have given their lives to be thoughtful men and women of faith, and …
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Ultra-Orthodox protest shuts down Jerusalem
At the rally, men and boys dressed in black coats and black hats carried placards declaring "Military service will not be imposed on us" and "Jews cannot survive without the Torah." Due to the community's standards of modesty, women and children stood …
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