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The Gay (K)not
There is a chasm between the law, love, marriage and homosexuality in America, but they keep bumping into one another like they're on the prowl in a gay bar: doing that Stranger Tango — checking one another out from a distance until one makes The Move …
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Kenya Moore Considering Leaving RHOA Behind Reunion Show Brawl
… stage such as this.” The ladies still have not spoken to one another since the incident, but from the looks of it, Kenya is expecting some sort of apology. ….. She still riding the coat tail of being Miss USA in the 90s…child please have a seat …
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On Tour With Rock-Star Economist Thomas Piketty
One hundred and eighty years after Alexis de Tocqueville came back to France with the news that he'd found true égalité in America, his countryman has arrived on our shores to deliver the opposite news: Not only is the U.S. doomed to accelerating …
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The Single Best Reason to Start a Non-Profit
There are close to a million public charities in the US, up 50% since 2000 according to USA Today, and thousands of new non-profits form every year. But this surge in social good has a downside. Many new charities will fold within a few years — doomed …
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